Izzy Weisman (M.S. Candidate)
B.S. Hamilton College

As an Earth and Environmental Studies graduate student at Vanderbilt I have become passionate about modern climate, paleoclimate and isotope geochemistry. My research focuses on cave formations, speleothems, from Northern California that date back to the late Pleistocene, a time when the western U.S. experienced oscillations of major dry and wet intervals. In order to cope with the modern drought crisis and onslaught of El Nino related storms in California, my research aims to contribute to our understanding of the duration and severity of hydroclimate changes, such as those that occurred during the late Pleistocene, so that we may better understand the drivers of climate shifts in the past and improve predictions of rainfall on the US west coast. In addition to my Masters research, I have been the TA for the undergraduate Oceanography lab section, and have taken courses ranging from Image Processing to Geospatial Statistics. When I'm not in the lab you can find me on the Squash court at the Rec Center!

Theresa sampling stream water in Peru.

Theresa sampling stream water in Peru.

Theresa Miller
Vanderbilt Class of 2018

 I am currently an undergraduate, studying Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Environmental Engineering and minors in Chemistry and French. My current research interests are cross-disciplinary; I recently completed field work with Dr. Tiffiny Tung, under the advisement of Dr. Jessica Oster, analyzing stable isotopes in local water sources in order to draw conclusions regarding ancient populations in the Americas.

*Theresa  received an award for her poster presentation at the Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Fair in 2015.

Elli Ronay (Ph.D. student)
B.S. Rice University
NSF Graduate Research Fellow

I’m a first year graduate student interested in geochemistry and paleoclimate records on various scales. During my undergrad at Rice University, my research was based on the geochemical analysis of altered volcanic ashes within the Cretaceous Eagle Ford Formation. I have decided to shift my focus to the low-temperature geochemistry involved in karst studies to better pursue my paleoclimatology interests.

Miguel Moravec
Vanderbilt Class of 2018


I'm a recent convert to the Earth and Environmental Science Major here at Vandy. Combined with my other major of Communication of Science and Technology, I hope to gain valuable experience conducting research and then articulating the scientific findings to the lawmakers, businesses, and students alike. After graduation, I aspire to commission in the United States Coast Guard - which is no surprise, since I was raised a sailor in Annapolis, MD. While in the service, I'd like to wield my academic tool set towards disaster response and environmental policy. 



Lab Alumni

Nick Hermann M.S. 2016
Spatial Patterns and Driving Mechanisms of Mid-Holocene Hydroclimate in Western North America